January 07, 2015

2014 in review

2014 marked my triumphant return to gaming. Or at least my return. I got a new job in 2011, moved away from both my D&D groups and was suddenly not as conveniently close to Stockholm as I used to be. Besides an abortive D&D4 PBP campaign and an evening of playtesting D&D5 over Mumble in 2012, there's been no gaming.

Until now.

I've mentioned it before, but I got Ascension Day weekend off in 2014, which meant I could start the year off with Lincon. Besides trying out Two Rooms and a Boom, I spent most of the time in the Indie Games room, getting to try out various Swedish indie games (Utpost, Sj├Ątte Inseglet, Nostalgi), and A Taste For Murder.

Next up was Tullcon in September. Another thing mostly run by rollspel.nu regulars, also full of indie games. I checked off a few games from my bucket list there - Fiasco, Dungeon World, Mouse Guard and Arkham Horror. Feels good, I've been wondering about some of these for years. I'd play all of them again, for the record.

Last was a private gathering, also in September. Got to play State of Mind and Carolina Death Crawl (which I keep mixing up with Durance for some reason). Plus a few rounds of The Resistance.

It's been an indie year. I'm hoping to find a regular gaming group for 2015 and play some more than just at conventions.