August 21, 2014

Weekly updates? What's that?

Oh hey, where did the last four years go? I sure hope nobody was waiting with bated breath for updates.

Can I blame getting a new job in 2011, moving and losing track of my gaming group, leading to a near-complete gaming hiatus until LinCon 2014? No, I guess I can't since the blog's been inactive since 2010. Such is life.

All my #RPGaday stuff in one post.

So #RPGaday hackjobs are a thing now. Or maybe it's just that one person. Whatever. I'm lazy and will post everything at once too.

Apologies to Christopher Glew for bogarting his list formatting.

1. First RPG Played: With a DM and group who knew what they were doing? D&D 3rd Edition. Otherwise it was probably Drakar och Demoner, but we quit halfway through an adventure and didn't play again.

2. First RPG Games Mastered: D&D 4th Edition is still the only game I've DMed.

3. First RPG purchased: D&D 3rd Edition for the "First RPG Played" campaign above.

4. Most recent RPG Purchase: Reign, Microscope, 3:16 Carnage Among The Stars and the Swedish RPG Nyckelringsrollspelet. My interests have changed since 2001.

5. Most old school RPG owned: AD&D 2nd Edition.

6. Favourite RPG you never get to play: Capes. Forge-spawned gamey superhero games specifically asking whether or not you deserve your powers is a small niche.

7. Most "intellectual" RPG owned: Out of sheer prejudice, I'll have to nominate Nobilis.

8. Favourite character (tell us about your character): I made a Warforged Druid with an alternate spider form once. Short epic level D&D 4E game, go figure. Never got to actually play it.

9. Favourite die/dice set: I'm partial to the D12. It rests nicely in my hand without being too angular and doesn't roll forever on the table like the D20.

10. Favourite tie in novel/game fiction: Not having read any proper tie in-novels, I'll have to nominate the intro fiction from Eclipse Phase. Does a good enough job at introducing at least one major antagonist in the game, and is decent fiction too.

Or hey, does The Litany of Earth count as CoC fiction? Probably not, but it still deserves plugging.

11. Weirdest RPG owned: Well, Microscope is more about building a world's history than playing a character, so that probably counts.

12. Old RPG you still play/read: As if I've played much of anything in the last five years or so.

13. Most memorable character death: Left on a desolate ice planet, the mining base sunk into the sea, and no help would arrive before food ran out. Heck yeah Utpost.

14. Best convention purchase: Supergänget, known as Supercrew in the Anglosphere.

15. Favourite convention game: Utpost.

16. Game you wish you owned: There are plenty of major indie games I don't own, but Fiasco must be first on that list.

17. Funniest game you've played: Playing Sjätte Inseglet at LinCon 2014, the started with seducing the Pope and went downhill from there. I don't think all games go like that.

Well no, I haven't actually played any allegedly "funny" games. Not even Paranoia.

18. Favourite game system: Right now, I'm riding the Apocalypse World hype wave. In another decade? Maybe something else.

19. Favourite published adventure: Queen of the Spiders gets points for what happens if the PCs fail to stop Lolth. Lolth climbs inside her Goddamn Spider-Mecha and wrecks stuff on the surface world for about a week before being driven back underground. Yes, really.

No, I don't have a serious answer. Sorry.

20. Will still play in 20yrs time: Gee, what will I play after twice as long as I've already played? Best bet is that I'll be trying whatever D&D version is out then.

21. Favourite licenced RPG: I don't own any, but Smallville is on the wishlist.

22. Best secondhand RPG purchase: That would be one from question #4, and I'll pick Reign.

23. Coolest looking RPG product/book: Mutants & Masterminds (1st Edition) is certainly the prettiest book I own.

24. Most complicated RPG owned: D&D 3rd Edition. It's not a beast, but it's the most complicated one I own.

25. Favourite RPG no one wants to play: Wasn't this question #6? Frankly I suspect I could get together a group for most any good game I own on Google Hangouts. Maybe not Capes, on account of it being kind of old by now.

26. Coolest character sheet: I like the ones for Apocalypse World Hacks in general, and AW itself in particular. Most of the game mechanics relevant to players are on them. If you don't own the game, they even serve as a kind of game demo.

27. Game you'd like to see a new/improved edition of: Feng Shui... oh, that's coming. Capes rewritten to be readable by sane people would be nice I guess.

28. Scariest game you've played: Back in the dark 00:s, my DM ran The Speaker in Dreams, a D&D 3rd Edition module, and really pulled off the desolation as devils took over the town. (Spoiler, select text to reveal.) I have played Call of Cthulhu, but I can't call that session scary.

29. Most memorable encounter: Fighting wererats in a belltower, maybe? Eh, not many singular encounters from back in the dark 00s was particularly memorable.

30. Rarest RPG owned: I'd have to guess Svenil, just because it's a Swedish joke game.

31. Favourite RPG of all time: I want to carry Utpost's babies, but I only played it this year. Discounting games I just read/played, I have to say D&D 4th Edition.