April 06, 2015

Conventions I've been to

What better place to keep a record of conventions I've been to than a rarely-updated blog?
Convention mugs as of 2017.

2005: DanCon IV, Stockholms Spelkonvent

2006: DanCon V, Stockholms Spelkonvent

2007: DanCon VI, LinCon, Stockholms Spelkonvent

2008: GothCon XXXII, LinCon

2014: LinCon, TullCon II

2015: GothCon XXXIX, LinCon, KattCon

2016: GothCon XL, LinCon, Wexio Spelkonvent, KattCon

2017: Dancon XIII, Gothcon XLI, LinCon, Wexio Spelkonvent

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